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 Computer mice and mouse pads (39) 
 Keyboards (28) 
 Headphone sets & microphones (43) 
 Multimedia speakers (18) 
 Cleaners (5) 
 WEB cameras and Car DVRs (2) 
 Computer and car accessories (45) 
 TV wall mount (2) 
 Game accessories (5) 
 Power Device (36) 
 Connecting devices (64) 

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 Our firm is presented in the Estonian market since 1994. All this time we mastered the niche with success, representing the products that provide an opportunity to equip comfortably your computer workplace.

 We offer all from the world of computer and office accessories, account materials and office equipment. Our products are necessary things and devices which will help you to do work quickly and effectively.

 We are suppliers (distributors) of such well-known trademarks as DEFENDER.

 Trademark Defender is officially registered in 1990. It unites set of the various products which provide to the user a maximum of convenience at work with a computer. Owing to the vigorous activity of the company, Defender today is a wide dealer network.

 You have already seen many our goods in shops and many of them using in the daily activity. Here you will find the list of our products.

 If you are the head of firm and wish to expand the assortment, click here.











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